5 Ultimate Smoothie Recipes for Health and Balance
December 12, 2019

A group of friends working out at Picnic Beach in Gulf Shores, AL

H.I.I.T. stands for High-Intensity Interval Training which means workouts contain shorter bursts of intense activity with brief moments of rest interspersed throughout. HIIT workouts are gaining in popularity because of the high amount of calorie burn in a shorter amount of time than other, more traditional, workout methods.

Local fitness expert, Omar Mulla of OM Personal Training, LLC,

“I founded OM Personal Training LLC with the vision of using fitness to empower others to discover their capabilities, do more of what they love and live with greater fulfillment. I chose to partner with Picnic Beach to share this vision on a larger scale with the Alabama Gulf Coast community and fulfill my mission of making health and wellness opportunities more accessible to the general public. It is my belief that connecting people to local resources that support a healthy lifestyle, such as Picnic Beach, can contribute to their long term health-related success.”
~ Omar Mulla

Picnic Beach focuses on organic, sustainable ingredients that are healthy and flavorful, including fresh juice and smoothies as well as keto-friendly, vegetarian and vegan dishes.